The Benefits of Taking Supplements

Supplements have become a popular health trend in recent years, but with so many different products out there it’s hard to decide which ingredients will work for your health goals

Many supplements contain vitamins & minerals that are essential for various health areas: digestion, skin, sleep, heart, joints, and more. Supplements are also a key way to keep your hormones balanced, and many products can effectively complement traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) programs. Beyond just improving your health & balancing your hormones, supplements have many other benefits and can be an important addition to your daily regimen.

Top 5 Benefits of Taking Supplements

1. Boost Your Immune System

Supplements are a natural way to boost your body’s immune system. Many of the ingredients in supplement products can help your body fight against illness, and prevent future diseases, which makes it a cost-effective way to stay healthy. For example, magnesium can prevent issues with your bones and cardiovascular system. This is a popular ingredient in many supplements that enhance heart health, and boost calcium absorption.

2. Support Nutrient Absorption

It’s becoming more & more difficult to get the nutrients our body needs from daily food intake. Supplements can support this process, and make it easier for our us to not only absorb nutrients but supplements can also provide essential vitamins & minerals that are not available in processed foods. A multivitamin that contains ingredients like Vitamin-C, Vitamin-B6, Folate, and more, is an important addition to your daily health regimen because we are most likely not absorbing all of these essential nutrients in our daily lives.

3. Improve Digestion

Along with nutrient absorption, regular digestion is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Without the proper gut health, we can feel fatigued, irritable, our acne can increase, and we just don’t feel like ourselves. However, supplements can help combat this issue and make your bathroom trips more regular. Ingredients in many probiotic products, like l.acidophilus and l.plantarum, can significantly reduce bloating, get rid of extra waste, and improve overall digestive functioning.

4. Balance Your Hormones

A hormone imbalance can cause many uncomfortable symptoms: fatigue, irritability, joint pain, poor digestion, weight gain, and more. But, by adding a supplement to your daily regimen you can naturally balance your hormone levels and start feeling your best. Most of the time, regular hormone production can be interrupted by stress, nutrient deficiencies, lack of sleep, or poor endocrine system functioning. With different ingredients such as DHEA, GABA, or Vitamin-D3, supplements can restore your body’s hormone levels. Supplements are not only the perfect addition to your daily health regimen, but they complement HRT medications by enhancing their effects.

5. Increase Energy & Improve Recovery

Even if you don’t hit the gym frequently or engage in vigorous exercise, supplements can still boost your daily energy levels and improve your muscle & joint recovery. Many supplements can be mixed with your morning drink, or easily taken right before periods of physical activity whether it’s the gym or simply walking with a friend. Ingredients such as Green Tea Extract or Panax Ginseng are a natural way to get that long lasting energy that we all need throughout the day. These supplements can also relieve joint & muscle pain that is common after physical activity.

So What Supplements Should You Be Taking?

Although there are many supplement products on the market, in order to improve your body’s overall health & address key areas of functioning, you should be trying these main supplements:


Without a healthy digestive system, other areas of our body cannot function properly. Everyone should be taking a probiotic supplement to reduce bloating & improve overall gut health.

Heart & Bone

Finding a supplement with magnesium or calcium ingredients is crucial, because these minerals are essential to overall health and preventing future diseases that can be costly.


A poor night’s sleep can significantly impact your focus, energy, mood, and more. In order to get a restful night of sleep, you should be taking a supplement that contains natural ingredients like GABA, Valerian Extract, or Melatonin.


A multivitamin can help our body get the essential nutrients that it needs to properly function. These supplements can help boost metabolism, and curb cravings for processed foods & sugars because they help you feel full for a longer period of time.


If you live in an area where there isn’t a lot of sun, you should be taking a health supplement that contains Vitamin-D3. This vitamin can boost your immune system, regulate mood, and improve your skin & hair appearance.


DHEA naturally mimics the hormones produced in your endronice system, and is an important supplement for men & women. DHEA can regulate mood, enhance sex drive, sharpen mental focus, and improve daily energy.


Many supplements provide a healthy boost to your daily energy levels. Look for ingredients Acetyl L Carnitine or Maca Root Extra because these will increase your body’s energy naturally, without a stimulant-type effect.

It’s important to select the right supplement that fits your health goals, and daily regimen. Many supplements can be the perfect addition to your lifestyle, and can enhance your overall health.

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