*Disclaimer: Affinity Physician Network allows the use of any our content or images for the purposes of generating patient interest in HRT but requests that all word-for-word duplications online be marked "canonical" by your web developer to avoid duplicate content issues with search engines. If you should need to use any branded content, such as the TCore20™ or APN logo, please call (216)-273-8700 ext. 1009.  

Blog Articles

Our blog articles can be helpful when it comes to educating patients about HRT, but also when it comes to maintaining interest with patients already on the program. We frequently post about HRT, fitness, diet, lifestyle, and more. You can either link to our blog, re-post the content, or feature it on your own platform.

Social Media Links

Similar to our blog, social media content can be useful for generating interest or maintaining contact with current patients. Please use the links below to follow us, and feel free to either re-post or feature the content on your current platform.

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Email Templates

Email templates are another great tool for patient education & development. Please use the email template documents below as a resource. If you would like us to work with you directly to set-up the email campaigns in your platform or design materials specific to your practice, please call (216)-273-8700 ext. 1009 for assistance. 

Initial Email Blast:

- Generally sent to patients who might be unfamiliar with HRT to educate them about the benefits of starting a TCore20™ program

Initial Email Blast with Discount Offer:

- Can be used for patients not on the program to educate them about HRT. Or, used for those who inquire about HRT to set-up a lab or consultation

Affinity Websites

Our websites can be a helpful resource if you are in the process of designing your own site, and need examples of layout or content. Or, if you already have a website, our content can be a useful addition to educate patients or market the TCore20™ program. Again, all word-for-word duplications from these sites will need to be marked "canonical."

Contains more patient facing content & educational resources about hormones

Contains more content & material about TCore20™ programs specifically

If you have any issues accessing content, or need specific files, please contact (216)-273-8700 ext. 1009 for assistance


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