Step #1: Patient Labs

Labs are the first step in the patient onboarding process. Labs are important not only for the medical consultation, but they also get patients engaged by bringing awareness to their hormone levels & the need for an HRT program. 

Lab Requisiton

This is required for all labs sent through Access Labs. Providers ONLY need to select a panel (i.e. Basic Male Initial) and complete the patient demographics. The pre-printed paper form is sent with the blood vials.

Medical History

We suggest having the patient complete a medical history when they come in for labs. This helps gather more information about symptoms & health goals for the consultation.

Lab Pricing

All lab pricing that corresponds to the Requisition Form can be found here. It includes Provider Cost & Suggested Patient Cost.

Step #2: Patient Consultation

Medical consultation is the second step in the patient onboarding process. During the consultation, patients meet with the Provider to discuss symptoms & health goals in order to determine if a patient is a candidate for HRT. If the Provider decides that a patient is qualified for HRT, they will select a TCore20™ program and sign the TCore20™ Prescription Order Form. 

Patient Profile

We suggest filling out this form before the consultation using the completed patient lab results and medical history. This gives the Provider a quick picture of the patient information.

Office Progress Note

Providers can decide whether to use our progress note, or their own. This form contains a quick list of symptoms common among HRT patients.

Step #3: Patient TCore20™ Order

Patient TCore20™ order is the third step in the patient onboarding process. A complete TCore20™ Prescription Form & Patient Program Payment Form must be submitted for every patient order. These forms can be submitted via secure fax at (216)-290-1210 or secure email at Please use the link below to access the correct PRESCRIPTION forms:

Patient Program Payment Form

Must be completed with EVERY prescription whether we are charging your Provider account or billing the patient directly. Please complete ALL information.

Program Pricing

We have reduced the Provider cost for our base HRT packages as well as "upgrade" products; however, we have kept the suggested retail pricing for patients the same but Providers are able to charge any amount they would like. 


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