Please use the resources below for medical & office operations. The videos provide a brief refresher of content and forms reviewed during training. The FAQs review common questions asked by patients and Providers. If you should need any help with forms, order processing, payment, patient questions, etc. please call (216)-273-8700 ext. 1009 for support.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are bioidentical hormones and how do they influence my body?

Bioidentical hormones are produced by plants and mimic the hormones produced by the body. They are a safer alternative to synthetic hormones since they work in the exact same way as the body’s own hormones. They control the side effects of aging such as loss of energy, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, decreased mood, and more.

How do I start an HRT program?

The process to get started with HRT is simple. First, a lab is required so that the Provider has a clear picture of your hormone levels. Then, you have a one-on-one consultation to review health goals, so that the Provider can determine which HRT program would provide the best results.

Why do you use other medications with testosterone?

Combining medications like HCG and anastrozole with injectable testosterone provides the best results for patients while decreasing the likelihood of side effects. HCG maintains testicular health & anastrozole reduces side effects such as water retention and acne that can occur with testosterone. 

Why can't I use my insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance generally covers testosterone only and does not include the other medications or supplements required for optimal results. Also, insurance does not usually cover HRT when it is self-administered.

How long until I see results?

TCore20™ is designed to be a 20 week program because we have found this to be the optimal time for life-changing results. Many patients will start to see changes after 2-4 weeks because it takes hormones some time to return to a normal range within the body. 

Will there be any side effects?

Generally, there are no side effects with bioidentical hormones if used properly. The most common side effects that could occur are acne or water retention. These usually occur with rising estrogen levels, which can be easily corrected with a change in anastrozole dosage.


How do I know a patient needs HRT?

Normally, patients will come in with similar symptoms. Many will report low sex drive, loss of energy, mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, mental fog, and a decreased sense of overall well being. Along with these symptoms, lab results will show low levels of key hormones such as testosterone or estrogen. 

What happens if a patient has an abnormal case or experiences side effects?

Our medical team has been providing HRT for almost 16+ years, and has treated over 7,000+ patients. They are available for consultation, and can help you review patient cases and make dosage or medication changes if necessary

Can I discount a lab or order?

Yes. Our Providers do not have to follow a specific retail price. We charge a set wholesale price for the Provider, and you can choose what to charge the patient for both labs and product orders.

What happens if there is an order error?

If there is any type of error with a patient's order, please contact our Director of Provider Development directly to have it corrected.

How will I know when a patient is ready to re-order? 

We track the 20-week cycle from the minute an order is submitted. We can either notify your practice directly, or reach out to the patient to let them know that it is time to renew their order.

How can I order more materials?

If you need more demo kits, printed marketing materials, training manuals, etc. please contact our Director of Provider Development directly to have it taken care of.  

Where do I submit patient orders?

The TCore20™ Prescription Order Form and TCore20™ Payment Form can both be submitted via secure fax or secure email. The fax number is (216)-290-1210 and the email is   


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